Minnesota Keystone Program

Minnesota Keystone Enrollment

There are two separate forms for enrollment in Minnesota Keystone.  Please select the appropriate form for your company.

  1. Keystone Enrollment Form- For companies who were not members in 2022.
  2. Keystone Reenrollment Form - Shortened form for 2022 member companies

To see an alphabetical list of current Keystone members, click here.

Instructions for Completing the Enrollment Forms

Participant Information

  • Company Name:   List the company as you wish it to appear on official communications or publicity.
  • CEO/Primary Contact: Please
    provide the name of the CEO or the person who should be contacted for
    information about Keystone participation and the company’s giving
    practices (if different from the chief executive).
  • Communication Contact: Please provide the name of the staff member who oversees the company’s external and internal communication efforts.

Recognition Qualifications

Based on your calculations, select either 2% or 5% giving.  A giving percentage greater than 2% but less than 5% should be listed as 2%; a giving percent over 5% should be listed as 5%.

A Giving Level Worksheet is provided to help determine your percentage of giving.

Contributions can be made to charities, projects and organizations generally listed under the IRS Code Section 501(c)3 or equivalent charitable purposes.

The percentage target for corporations is based on domestic, pre-tax net earnings from the company’s income statement.  If the company calculates earnings by location, you may use local pre-tax earnings for this purpose.

A rolling three-year average may be used for firms with wide swings in their business cycle as long as this method is consistently applied. Companies in certain industries, such as banks, insurance companies, utilities and branches of divisions of national companies doing business in Minnesota, may use customary business accounting methods to achieve the two percent or five percent target.

Contributions by affiliated foundations, whose major asset is the company’s stock, are eligible.

For closely held businesses, service corporations and partnerships, a combination of personal and business contributions is allowed.

As a general rule, combined giving should be the equivalent of two percent or more of pre-tax earnings before deducting the principal owner’s salary or partnership salaries and distributions.

Companies wishing to include employee volunteerism as in-kind contribution may do so to the degree that the company is giving away something of value.
Employee volunteerism hours that qualify must:

  • Be calculated based on volunteer work that is conducted on the company’s time
  • Be calculated using actual cost or using the national average hourly rate of $26.87. (source: Independent Sector.)

Organization Profile

Select only one box in each section that best describes your organization.

Voluntary Contribution

Participation in the Minnesota Keystone Program is free of charge. The program is operated by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber with the support of other chambers of commerce and business organizations from throughout the state. If you would like to make a voluntary contribution to the Minnesota Keystone Program to help offset the program and operating costs, you may do so by indicating your contribution on the form.  Your contribution is tax-deductible and counts toward Keystone qualification.

Click here for a Voluntary Contribution Form.

Click here for the Giving Level Worksheet.