Bringing Executives Together & Creating Business Success!

For over 40 years, thousands of business owners, CEOs, top executives, and managers have participated in various roundtables to discuss issues of vital interest to their businesses.

In partnership with Minneapolis Business Mentors, the MPLS Regional Chamber is pleased to announce the upcoming formation of a CEO & Management Roundtable program.

If you’re looking for a group that gives you feedback on some of the tough business issues you are facing and can speak from their own personal experience in similar business situations, then our CEO & Management Roundtable Program is for you.

The Roundtable program provides structured discussion groups of 8 - 12 business executives, CEO/owners, team leaders, and management professionals. The same group of participants gather each month in a confidential setting to discuss issues affecting their businesses.

These peer-to-peer roundtables will be led by highly qualified facilitators from Minneapolis Business Mentors who have achieved success in their own businesses and know what it’s like to lead at the top.


Enrollment is ongoing, and participants are placed throughout the year. Priority will be given in the order the application is received. The cost of participation is $325 for one year for Chamber members ($450 for non-members) and payment will be processed upon placement.

The application process requires from the applicant:

  • Must be a member in good standing with the MPLS Chamber
  • Application form completed and submitted
  • Vetting/verification of job title and company
  • Signed Confidentiality Attendance Agreement
  • $325 registration fee (only collected once placement at a table has been confirmed)

If are you interested in participating in the program or have questions, contact Jim Handy for more information or call the Chamber Roundtable Hotline at (612) 208-3320.  Also, be sure to read our list of Frequently Asked Questions.